"It is us, the women, who pass on the knowledge through
generations as we are the ones closest to Mother Earth"

Our mission is to empower indigenous mothers in preserving the indigenous knowledge and storytelling traditions as an effort to raise environmental awareness and encourage participation in cultural and natural conservation.


Indonesia is considered as one of the megadiverse countries around the world with 12% of world’s mammals, 10% of world’s flowering species, following by 17% of the total species of birds and 270 species of amphibians (by Conservation International) Forests in Indonesia cover 88,495,000 ha with rich biodiversity. But its lands are under threat, in large part due to rapid deforestation which loosens the bonds between indigenous people and nature progressively both in practices and tradition. This causes the erosion of indigenous knowledge around biodiversity and it less triggers the conservation action which ultimately destroys the foundation upon which the humans live and identity depends. Our concern is that if the process of transferring the indigenous knowledge will disappear, the next generation will be incapable to understand the ecological and cultural situation around their living territory. The effect will be a decrease of participation in natural conservation and maintaining the cultural identity.


is the world population by 2030 with the highest concentration in the poorest countries, resulting in acute depletion of resources.

as so-called ‘komunitas adat terpencil’ (indigenous communities) are recognised by the Indonesian government
in the heart of the Indonesian primary forest are culturally committed to respect the universe through their daily interaction with nature.

What is it that allows hundreds and thousands of people to thrive in the jungle and native forest without destroying their environment or losing their self sufficiency?

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