Since 1990, Indonesia has lost nearly a quarter of its forests; at current rates, it could lose all remaining forests by 2056. Many of these forests have been turned into rubber, oil palm and pulp plantations.
source: conservation international

who we are

Mother Jungle strives to empower last miles mothers in preserving
the culture of the indigenous communities as the vanguard of world’s
last primary forests.

Mother Jungle offers high quality ‘Education for Sustainable
Development’ (ESD) to individuals, and groups seeking for new eco-
knowledge and skills to develop a more sustainable world for the
future generations.

why mothers

The indigenous women are powerful agents of change. They are the guardians of the rainforest cultures and storehouses of great knowledge. Because of the way they are taking care of their tribes, the indigenous communities have successfully lived in rainforests for thousands of years. From them we can learn to live sustainably, within the limits required by the planet's ecosystem. They have learnt to harvest the wealth of their forests without destroying them and taught their children how to do this. But fact is, their lands are being taken, their basic rights disregarded, and often even their very existence is being ignored. There are so many stories hidden in the jungle and it’s time to give the mothers a voice.


Mother Jungle’s commitment is to always work for a sustainable future, by making decisions that reflect the following values


Earth Mother

On every location we’ll be responsible with waste, push for eco-literacy, source the most eco-friendly and socially responsible natural materials and services locally


Aspire to reflect on a mother’s unconditional love by making sure that the voice of the indigenous women is heard.


Meaningful, engaging and participative learning with a focus on change towards a fairer society and better world.


Empower female indigenous communities in Indonesia by encouraging them to using their ancient traditions and increasing their capacities