upcoming course

"Where the jungle meets the beach"

8-12 April 2019

Bali Island - Indonesia

7 Day Programme 'Where the Jungle Meets the Beach': The wave of change in education. How to embrace the change towards Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The paradigm shift towards the ecological worldview requires a different approach to teaching. Participants will get training in how to incorporate permaculture with their own work, by helping them discover more depth about permaculture and implicitly by ‘living permaculture’ in their own ways. Participants will learn sustainable and organic farming techniques by tending a community garden, used as a shared space for locals and volunteers.

RESPONSIBLE Traveling: ‘It is up to us to take care of the planet, it is our only home’

Mother Jungle courses are opening up people’s eyes to the ethical ways to travel in the world. This means being switched on to our impact on the landscapes and seascapes we visit. Our idea of responsible traveling is that it should deliver ‘better places to live in and to visit’ – with the emphasis firstly on creating better places for local people, and secondly for the participants we invite to join our courses. Mother Jungle makes sure every course will make a real difference on the destination.