Sustainability Storytelling Episodes

Mother Jungle creates short video episodes of traditional stories of the Indigenous Mothers all around Indonesia about their land and environment with a focus on moral values, practices and beliefs. We utilize the power of filmmaking in order to digitally store and pass along the indigenous knowledge to the next generation and public. The goal of people telling their stories is to maintain the sense of community, impose moral values and stitch the collaboration between humans, culture and nature. It is a cultural effort to conservation that aims to facilitate mothers’ love and voice in order to enhance diverse values and understanding around culture and biodiversity for the next generation.

The focus is on restoring the wisdom, traditions, and knowledge of the mothers of the jungle to prevent from losing their culture. Indigenous people have a broad knowledge of how to live sustainably. However, formal education systems have disrupted the practical everyday life aspects of indigenous knowledge and ways of learning, replacing them with abstract knowledge and academic ways of learning. Today, there is a grave risk that much indigenous knowledge is being lost and, along with it, valuable knowledge about ways of living sustainably.

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